Analyse of activity

June 2, 2021

What is the analyse page ?

The purpose of the analysis page is to allow you to explore and analyze the content of your open questions, by giving you the tools to regroup the inputs in the form of topics, in particular thanks to the AI-based function.

The analysis page is composed of two views.

The first one when you arrive on the page is the theme view. This one gives you a first idea of the themes that stand out and their importance.

The second is the working view. It can be accessed either by clicking on a theme from the first view, or by clicking on the icon at the top right of your screen in the action menu.

This working view allows you to see the content of the themes, i.e. the inputs. You can then modify the themes, create new ones, ask the ia to give you ideas for new themes etc...

What can i do on the work view ?

As explained earlier this view allows you to group ideas into themes. But not only. Here is the list of possible actions from this page:
On topics:

  • Edit => To change the name , the colors of topic
  • Delete => To remove a topic
  • Suppy => AI helps you find ideas that fit the theme
  • Delete all topics
  • Create new topic manually

On ideas:

  • Edit => Edit the content of the idea
  • Reject => Reject idea of the corpus
  • Ungroup => Detach the idea of all topics
  • Search similar ideas => AI helps you find ideas similar

Feeling Lucky:

  • Create groups from scratch =>  IA helps you to create fresh groups from scratch (All old topic would be destroy)
  • Attribute ungrouped ideas to the exiting groups => IA helps you to dispatch ungrouped ideas to existing groups
  • Create new groups from ungrouped ideas => IA help you to create groups with ungrouped ideas
Analyse page

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