How to create an activity ?

June 2, 2021

What is an activity ?

An activity is a sequence of one or several questions (open question /vote). These activities allow the organisator to learn more about their participants , by collecting answers and opinions in a very short time .

How to create an activity ?

a)- From the dashboard click on the button create an activity

b)- Define the questions of your activity (You have the choice between two type of questions):

  • Vote: Participants evaluate a series of proposals around a grid of criteria that you will have defined.
    Check article "How define a vote"
Define questions of the activity

c)- Define the timing: the beginning/ end of the activity and the duration which remains the same for all the questions.

d)- Define the process you are going to follow, through 2 sequence:

  • Free sequence it allows participants to navigate from one question to another in a very independent way.
  • Forced sequence , participants can not  navigate from one question to another  until the organizer authorizes it.

To do that, you just have to click on 'Dates' after you select the questions , and then you choose the sequence you want.

Define timing and sequence of your activity

e)- Define your participants of your activity. There is two type of participants:

  • Facilitator: Moderation ( open question) The organiser has the ability to moderate the answers shared by the participants , he can easily reject or ask to rephrase any answer.
  • Participant: They are able to contribute to each questions of the activity by voting , submiting answser, liking, commenting ...

Define participants of the activity

Who can manage the activity ?

You have to be a facilitator to moderate. And in order to be a facilitator you need to be an organizer in the workspace.

In order to have more organizers in a workspace you have to pay for organizer licenses within the limit of your plan.

What happens if I deactivate a member ?

When you deactivate a member present in an activity , his contributions remain intact (likes / comments / answers / votes)...

What to do after creating an activity ?

At the end of the creation of an activity , you will be automatically redirected to the management page of the email invitations to join the activity.

Let's get now into details in the next article!

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