How to create an activity ?

May 6, 2021

What is an activity ?

An activity is a sequence of one or several questions (open question /vote). These activities allow the organisator to learn more about their participants , by collecting answers and opinions in a very short time .

How to create an activity ?

  • You start by creating your question and choosing a title, if it's an open question you write it, if it's a vote you enter  your question and define the answer choices.

  • You define the timing: the beginning/ end of the activity and the duration which remains the same for all the questions .

  • Define the process you are going to follow, through 2 sequences.

  • Free sequence it allows participants to navigate from one question to another in a very independent way .

  • Forced sequence , participants can not  navigate from one question to another  until the organizer authorizes it.

  •  You have the possibility to add participants and remove participants while the activity is in execution .

  • If the organiser deactivate the access of a member, all his contributions to this activity will be definitively destroyed.

  •  Moderation ( open question) : The organiser has the ability to moderate the answers shared by the participants , he can easily reject or ask to rephrase any answer.

The image dow below represents all of the elments we just talked about above.

Let's get now into details in the next article!

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