How participate to an open question ?

June 2, 2021

What is the page of participation ?

The participation page is the space that gives your collaborators a voice, in an anonymous way.

On this page you can post replies , like, comment,, moderating (only for facilitator)

How to post a response ?

To answer an open question, simply type your response in the grey input box at the top of your page.

How and who can moderate responses ?

Moderation is only available to facilitators of the activity.

There are two modes of moderation. The manual mode and the automatic mode.

Moderation manual:

As part of the manual moderation all posted ideas are put on hold for moderation and are only visible to the facilitators.

For the others you have to use the "status" filter and display only the ideas that have the "status" "pending moderation"

Then you just have to use the "moderate" button on each idea, to validate, reject or ask to reformulate the idea.

Modeation automatique:

During an automatic moderation the ideas are automatically validated and visible to all.

You can moderate by using the moderate button on each idea to reject or ask to reformulate the idea.

At any time you can see the ideas you have rejected, asked to reformulate, validated, or waiting for moderation by using the filter by idea status.

In order to do this , at the top of the input of the responses , there is an action bar with a button that leads you to the filter menu.

How to interacte with responses ?

You can interact with other participants by liking, commenting on responses.

Likes / dislikes play an important role in the analysis. Indeed they have a direct impact on the size of the groups produced by the AI.

To do that you have on each response an icon to like / diliske and comment.

Participate page

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