Define a question type "Vote" to an activity

May 16, 2021

What is a vote ?

Because we simply set a certain grid of choices and we are sure that at the end we can easily analyze the results, no matter how many participants will answer.
Votes are easy and quick to answer.
They are also easy to compare with other respondents or questionnaires , and they are less complicated to analyze.

How to create a vote?

After writing the subject of your vote, you predefine the answer choices.

  • Go to the home page , click =>'New activity'on the left. Click=>'Add a question'=>Select 'Vote'.

-Start by defining a title to your vote, in order to do that :*

  • Fill in the blank box.

- You have the possibility to :

 a)-Add as many items as you like.

  • Go to =>'Define items to be voted on' , click=>'Add an item' and select=>'Write an new item'.

b)-Define the choices of answers and even import a list of answers already existing.

  • Go to=>'Define items to be voted on ',click=>'Add an item' and click=>'import a list of items' or ' select items from an open question'. ( check the images dow below)

c)-Define the criteria of voting and the scales according to the choice of the participants.

  • On the same page , Go to=>'Define voting criteria', click=>'Add a voting criteria' and select=> the criteria that you want , you can add as many criterias as you like.


Great job ! check the next artcile for the upcoming step!

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