Set up your workspace

June 2, 2021

What is a workspace?

A workspace is a space where you can invite your collaborators to participate in different activities. It is possible to customize the identity of the workspace in order to indicate to the collaborators that they are in the right place and to define the language used within the workspace.

How to set up a workspace?

a)-  Select the logo : By default, the application identifies the logo associated with the domain's name of the administrator (if it's Mr John from it's the google logo that appears) .-

  • However you are allowed to change the logo by clicking on=> the small ‘  emblem   ‘ on the top of the home page and uploading =>one of your choice. (it is preferable to choose a square /round logo, or even the one used on your twitter account).

b)-  Put  the banner : To give a more cosy touch.

  • click =>the small button on the left to download the banner of your choice. ( it is preferable to choose a horizontal image) .

c)-  Define the name : The name must be easy to recongnize by the participants, this point is very important because the mails, and the notifications sent automatically to the participants will have in subject the name of your workspace.

  • Go to the top of the page and fill in => the blank box with the name of your choice . ( for exemple : Muller, Mann and Waelchi as you can see on the image below).

Identity Banner
Identity Banner

d)- Set The language :

  • At any time it is possible to define globally the language used in the workspace. Also each new member will be assigned this language by default.

Organiaztion settings (Define language of workspace)

P.S: You have the possibilty to deactivate the workspace  whenever you like, by clicking=>'disable'. ( check the image above)

Great Job! Now you are ready to suscribe your members into your workspace !

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