Define an open question

June 2, 2021

What is an open question ?

Open Question allows participants to express themselves freely , you can ask as many open questions as you wish .The open-ended question is the easiest way to quickly ask your employees and rapidly extract what the group is thianks to AI.

How to define an open question ?

The organiser has several facilities that allows him to manage the activity as he wishes.

1) Define the question : fill in the box "Ask a question" with a question that is gonna be answered from the particpants.

2) Set up the questions settings:

a)- Validation :

By default all answers submited are made visible automaticaly , but still can make the answers visible after the organiser validates it .

  • On the same page , Go to=>'Question settings', click=>'Validation' and select=>'Automatic/Manual.'
  • To change the default behavior in the validation settings , you select weither the answers submitted will be visible by clicking ' automatic/ manual.

b)- Live View :

The organiser can select if the participants can view the activity while it's going or not.

Go to =>'Activites', select=>'see the answers', on the left select=>'Live View'.


Facilitators can activate or disable when responses are in different languages.

Go to=> 'Multilingual' , select=>'Activate / disable'

d)- Creating groups :

You have the choice between three options :

  • Automatic: Answers are automatically and continuously clustered by A.I
  • Automatic with target groups: A.I will move answers into groups, based on Group title and samples (if any).
  • Manual: You decide how and when answers are clustered.

Go to =>'Creating groups' , select =>'Automatic/ Automatic with target groups/ Manual'.

Open question params

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