Report of activity

June 2, 2021

What is the report ?

The report summarizes the important information to remember about the activity.the report is composed of a general section that summarizes the overall stats of the activity all questions included.and a section by questions present in the activity.each question is composed of a series of slides / screen that we can choose to make visible or default the report is visible only for the facilitator, to leave time, customize it (Add a custom note, comment, manage the display) Composition of the report.

Composition of the report

  1. General
  2. Front page: (Slide that includes the workspace codes and title of the activity, description of the activity)
  3. Custome Notes (Slide that allows facilitators to leave a custome note as a complement)
  4. Team (List of facilitators, guests)
  5. Group dynamics (Overall participation stats, then by question)
  6. Open Question Words cloud (Keywords)
  7. Themes
  8. Discussive answers
  9. Popular answers
  10. All answers
  11. Vote
  12. Stats all criteria
  13. Stats by criteria

What can i do with the report?

  1. Manage slides (Menu at the top of the page, first button, opens a panel that allows to manage slides)
  2. Add appendices (Menu at the top of the page, first button, opens a panel that allows to add annexes).
  3. Add comments (On each slide you can add comments, input on the footer of each slide)
  4. Export the list of ideas in pdf format (Menu at the top of the page, third button )
  5. Export stats in Xlsx format (Top menu, third button )
  6. Make the report public
Report page

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